Kaiser Diet

Like many diets, the Kaiser Diet promotes a swift way to lose weight. Nevertheless, it is a strict diet and strict diets have been known to be less successful because most people can’t or won’t follow them as prescribed. The Kaiser Diet, also known as a weight management program, works similar to other diets where you must follow a set menu plan before you can see the results you seek. Unlike many of the other diets, the Kaiser diet is backed by reputation and experience.

The Kaiser Permanente name is well respected and is best known for providing health benefits. With a name like that, one might feel that the Kaiser Diet is more creditable than the other diets on the market. However, Kaiser doesn’t guarantee results as individual results may vary. As with any diet, it requires much effort on the part of the participant to make this diet a success. What makes this diet different from the rest is its medical support. Participants will never be left to go it alone. In fact, regular lab work is conducted and vital signs and progress is monitored.

Although the Kaiser Diet doesn’t guarantee the same results for everyone, it does promote being able to assist participants with losing 40 pounds while on the diet. That is impressive by any weight loss standard. In addition, the emphasis with the Kaiser diet is not only on the weight that you can lose; it promises that participants will be in better health. Different from other diets that promote weight loss, the Kaiser Diet is medically supervised. Furthermore, you will receive weekly coaching and diet supplements to help you reach your goal weight.

The Kaiser Diet consists of four sections that extend over a course of 20 weeks. Within the first 16 weeks you are given a low fat menu, which incorporates an Optifast meal replacement menu, to follow. Participants are also supported and monitored by a medical professional throughout the program. There are also weekly group sessions that you may attend to learn better behavior skills towards a better lifestyle. In the last four weeks of the weight lost management program, you transition over to regular foods and are taught how and what to eat to maintain your new healthy standard of living.

Like most diet plans, there are fees associated with the Kaiser diet and unfortunately these fees may not be covered by your health insurance. If your budget allows, and you are willing to follow the plan to the letter, the Kaiser diet may be right for you. Any concerns associated with losing weight rapidly are diminished with the medical supervision of this weight lost management plan. You are provided with all the information needed to embark on a healthier way of life. You will never feel like you are alone on the Kaiser diet because of the supervision that is received as well as the support from one-on-one counseling and group sessions.

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  2. Brenda Lasley says:

    Would like to know how much will the diet cost, my insurance won’t cover it

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